Parts Therapy Workshop by Roy Hunter

Parts Therapy Workshop by Roy Hunter

11 Aug 09:00 - 12 Aug 18:00 - San Juan
Centro de Hipnoterapia y Bienestar

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A unique opportunity!

Learn parts therapy from Roy Hunter, he is a published author and trainer recognized both in America and abroad. Roy’s highly praised text books are used at hypnosis schools around the world.

Someone strongly desiring to attain a goal, but who also experiences self-sabotage, may be a prime candidate for PARTS THERAPY. Often using different names, others emulate this profoundly beneficial technique taught and practiced by the late Charles Tebbetts. Competently facilitated, parts therapy often helps people get past barriers when other techniques are insufficient. However, there are pitfalls that must be avoided in order to maximize results for your clients.

The parts therapy workshop is experiential, and is a MUST for any hypnotherapist not totally familiar with parts therapy or one of its variations.

Roy Hunter is the published author of two hypnosis texts based on the teachings of the late Charles Tebbetts, as well as Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy (Crown House Publishing, 2005). All who attend a parts therapy workshop will receive a participant workbook.

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